The Great Yodhas of Indian Human Resources 2018


“Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end, we bet on people and not strategies.”

To accomplish the above requires persistence, patience, drive and determination. Here is where Human Resources come into action. Being pertinent to the organization, they have skills and expertise necessary to negotiate group benefits. As Steve Wynn correctly described - "human resources isn't a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business."

The importance of HR is unparalleled! Thus, celebrating the value that HR adds, the Global Achievers Forum brings to you 'The Great Yodhas of Indian HR 2018' which is another of its unique initiatives meant for the very backbones of the organizations.

It will be the benchmark for recognizing and celebrating the crème de la crème of the Indian HR.

A magnum opus of the Global Achievers Forum, this would be an event that defines excellence in HR professionals, recognizing and highlighting the outstanding achievements of those at the forefront of the industry best practices and leadership.

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Recognitions- The Great Yodhas of Indian Human Resources 2017


About Us


A pioneer in its field, the Global Achievers Forum is a non-profit platform to acknowledge the efforts of professionals & entrepreneurs who matter the most to an organization & city, respectively. These are the individuals who have excelled, been innovative and have contributed meaningfully to the development/growth of an organization/city. The rationale is to make every such successful enthusiast have a proud moment since they’re the ones who have gone beyond the call of duty. GAF believes in celebrating the unheard inspirational story of every such individual.

These awards provide a perfect platform to recognise those outstanding Professionals and organisations that are positively shaping the cultural and economic fabric of a city and organization for generations to come.

The Global Achievers Forum conducts two sets of Awards:

Awards for Best Service Providers of a City – Best-in-Class Awards (Region Specific)

These awards are meant for the Service Providers of a City who contribute towards the Happiness Index of a City.

Corporate Recognitions - The Great Yodhas of the Year Series.

This is an initiative to make a difference to the professional belonging to various departments of the Corporate World who make extraordinary contribution to the business and create future leaders.