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A pioneer in its field, the Global Achievers Forum is a platform to acknowledge the efforts of professionals & entrepreneurs who matter the most to a city. These are the individuals who have excelled, been innovative and have contributed meaningfully to the development of a city.

The rationale is to make every such successful enthusiast have a proud moment amongst his/her family, kids, spouse or the entire community since they’re the ones who have gone beyond the call of duty. GAF believes in celebrating the unheard inspirational story lying at every corner in the city.

These awards provide a perfect platform to recognise those outstanding individuals and organisations that are positively shaping the cultural and economic fabric of a city for generations to come.

As we all know, if the city is progressive yet makes you feel at home, it’s not just the infrastructure or the surroundings alone but what also matters is:

  • How your child’s confidence is boosted to compete in any competitive exams.
  • How nicely your daughter’s marriage ceremony or your parents anniversary celebration is taken care of.
  • How nicely your daughter’s marriage ceremony or your parents anniversary celebration is taken care of.
  • Who enables you to be the trend – setter in your social circle
  • How the city takes care of your well-being and comeliness.
  • Where you take your outstation guests for dining and then they appreciating and acknowledge the hospitality.
  • Where you go to rejuvenate your senses.
  • What provisions does the city provide you in order to pursue your hobby and how you make the most of it.
  • How a restaurant/dhaba is contributing in preserving the culture by passing the recipe of authentic traditional cuisine from one generation to the next.

If this is what makes a city beautiful and a better place to live in, then it is equally important to recognize and appreciate the efforts of those remarkable individuals, businesses and organisations that consistently go the extra mile to put a smile on their customers’ faces ensuring they keep their ethics intact.The motive of GAF is thus to acknowledge those businesses who are working tirelessly and coming up with innovative ideas to provide the best of the comforts to its people.

Award Details


The Global Achievers Forum is all about achievers, super -achievers and business leaders. This glamorous event will attract the best of the best across the nation. The Best-in-class Awards for the city will highlight, recognize and reward the ability of these business leaders to steer their businesses through turbulent times, apply the best of their business acumen to manage and keep their mission afloat.


  • To celebrate the Spirit of Success and motivate the Global Achievers to climb to new peaks in their success stories.
  • To provide a platform of identification and recognition of future business leaders and showing them the way ahead.
  • Creating a Forum of Achievers in various fields to increase their network and enabling their exponential growth.
  • To enhance the brand equity of all the stakeholders of a successful enterprise including clients, employees, family and friends.
  • To contribute in improving the National Happiness Index by creating a driver to raise the bar of services delivered to customers.


The Global Achievers Forum follows a rigorous research methodology to identify the Best-in-class and the Emerging Businesses in various cadres and industry domains. We create various category of awards in line with the objectives of the Global Achievers Forum.

The process followed thereafter is:

  • Our team comprising more than 25 experienced research professionals scan the market to come up with a list of the Top 20-25 businesses in every category. We also consider nominations from online campaigning and industry experts.
  • Our team of researchers collect the details of the listed enterprises including their year of establishment, flagship products/services, number of employees and growth trajectory along with the details of their satisfied clients.
  • From the above, 5-6 businesses from every category are shortlisted on the basis of customer perception of their services through various tools like feedback forms, telephonic feedback, online feedback, etc.
  • Further, grading of the shortlisted participants is done on different criteria through opinion scores, customer feedback, industry feedback, visibility/presence in media & online platforms.
  • The final decision being validated by a jury of experts and specialists from the industry, academia and other relevant domains.
  • The winners to be announced at a lavish Award ceremony conducted at a prime location covered by the media and popular names in the city.
  • Creating a Hall of Fame for the winners on our website for an entire year with the pictures of the Achievers along with their Awards.